What is VoIP

Voice over IP, or VoIP, is a technology that allows users to make calls from anywhere, even outside the office. It transmits voice over the Internet instead of using traditional phone lines.

A modular business telephony solution

By subscribing to our IP telephony system we provide your company with the most complete telephony solution on the market, which includes integration, supply of high-quality equipment, communication and maintenance.


- A flexible and scalable offer.
- Ease of management: You have a single end-to-end contact: supply of equipment, installation and maintenance.
- Plurality of features.
- Profitability: competitive and transparent pricing.

Installation of IP

surveillance camera

Informatique Bluetech offers installation services for IP cameras that use the Internet Protocol to transmit images and control signals via the web. We offer premium brands, to have an image that gives real results when it's time to recognize a face at night, during a crime. Our IP camera installation team can provide you with a complete view of your installations accessible from anywhere in the world. All of our IP camera installations can be accessed through a conventional computer or through your Apple and Android mobile devices.
Contact us for a free estimate to protect your facilities or offices.

Office 365 &

Microsoft 365

Informatique Bluetech is an authorized Microsoft distributor for the resale of products:

Office 365 Enterprise: Office licenses can be relevant to your company and adaptable to the needs of your users.
Office 365 Enterprise comes with familiar Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint Teams), Email (Exchange Server).

Microsoft 365: is the productivity suite combining Office software and cloud services for collaboration (SharePoint), management and advanced security. With SharePoint, your employees will be able to collaborate on the same files and have access to them wherever they are.