Informatique Bluetech is an authorized Microsoft distributor for the resale of products:

Office 365 Enterprise: Office licenses can be relevant to your company and adaptable to the needs of your users.Office 365 Enterprise comes with familiar Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint Teams), Email (Exchange Server)

Microsoft 365: Is the productivity suite combining Office software and cloud services for collaboration (SharePoint), management and advanced security. With SharePoint, your employees will be able to collaborate on the same files and have access to them wherever they are.

Informatique Bluetech is an authorized reseller of the Jamf platform which offers solutions for managing your computer equipment and security, among others:

- Deploy devices anywhere, for any employee.
- Mobile Device Management (MDM)
- Application management
- Inventory management
- Identity and access management
- Prevention and remediation of threats
- Content filtering and secure internet
- Zero-trust network access (ZTNA)
- Security visibility and compliance

We are specialists in setting up a computer network for your business. Whether it is installation or network optimization, we can help you.

The installation of a computer network can be expensive and complex, with multiple possibilities.

Building and operating a network infrastructure is vital to the success of a business. An efficient computer network decreases the risk of data loss and increases the overall execution speed. A quality cabling installation helps ensure an efficient network.

We also offer service for Windows devices. We can help you configure, protect, and repair your PCs.

We can, among other things, help you with the initial configuration of Windows, the configuration of your emails, help you install desired software and guide you in the installation of peripherals. During setup, we may also install anti-virus to protect your device from malware and optimize system settings to maximize your device's performance.

We also offer a diagnostic and repair service for your PC. Whether it's a cracked screen, a power issue, or a slow hard drive, we can help. We also install RAM and SSDs.

Data Recovery

We can provide you with backup solutions as well as data transfer solutions. Our team can also help you recover lost data or extract data from a faulty hard drive. If your hard drive is damaged, we have a partnership with one of the best data recovery companies, Drive Savers. We will send your hard drive and keep track of the progress.