We are a distributor of the Clover payment solution. This smart payment solution allows you to get the best rates on the market, build a point-of-sale system or integrate your current point-of-sale system.

With several solutions available to you, the fixed costs related to the terminal will be reduced and you will be able to increase your monthly savings. By doing business with us, your current provider's cancellation fees will be paid up to $500.00. Also, you get 90 days of trial with Clover products.

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Best Rate

With a long-term vision, CS Payment sincerely believes that all SME’s are entitled to the same preferential rate as large companies. By guaranteeing you the best rates, your satisfaction will be undeniable.

Best Service

The quality of execution of our terminals will meet all your expectations. With real knowledge of your reality, it is important to offer the best service to your customers.

Reduce your fixed costs

With several solutions available to you, CS Payment allows you to eliminate fixed costs related to the terminal, thus increasing your monthly savings.


We offer credit to all new clients for a limited time. Apply and get $ 500.00 in credit for Clover products. We also pay the cancellation fee of your current provider.

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