All our repairs are performed by Apple-certified technicians. Some repairs can be done the same day, otherwise we commit ourselves to repair your Mac within 3 business days.

During the repair, we offer a diagnosis of your device, a repair with the original parts to honor the Apple Care guarantee. We also carry out post-repair tests to ensure the full functionality of the device.

We are resellers of Nu Impact RAM. This RAM is certified by Apple and has a lifetime warranty. Please allow one business day to receive your order (Depending on parts availability).

We are also authorized resellers of Clean My Mac software. This software will help you make your Mac more efficient, it allows, among other things to:

  • Free up several gigabytes of space.
  • Configure your Mac to run at its maximum speed.
  • Neutralize malware and Mac-specific malware.
  • Update all your software in one click.
  • Find and remove unproductive applications.

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    Remember to make a backup (iCloud Drive) of your device before bringing it in for repair.

    Disable the find my option of your mac.